Halloween DIY with Design Fellow Sandra Huffman

Design Fellow Sandra Huffman shares a spooktacular Halloween tradition: a friends and family collaboration to create a haunting “trick or treat” setup, mobilizing skills of creativity, making, and engineering.

By Adelaide Zollinger

Oct 31, 2023

Sandra Huffman, a 2023 Design Fellow, along with her husband (an MIT alum) and friends, turned their vision into a haunting reality by crafting an impressive Halloween setup featuring a lifelike wolf head.

Over several weeks since the beginning of October, they worked together for several hours every weekend, bringing their eerie creation to life. From the misty nose to the mechanized flapping bats, every detail was carefully planned and executed, including a large paper mache wolf head distributing candy from its articulated jaw. This was their third Halloween project.

“We wonder whether the kids will actually dare to pick up the candy from the wolf’s mouth,” Sandra said. We’ll find out tonight!

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