2022 Design Fellow Jonathan Bessette is Awarded J-WAFS India Grant

As J-WAFS' researchers seek to better understand water access in rural India, 2022 Design Fellow Jonathan Bessette and Gokul Sampath have been awarded a J-WAFS India Grant to conduct research on safe water access in Indian villages through sensor-enabled data collection.

By Carolyn Blais, J-WAFS

Dec 14, 2023

In August of 2022, Gokul Sampath and Jonathan Bessette, two MIT PhD students, got to know each other personally and professionally while attending World Water Week. The two traveled to Stockholm, Sweden for the annual international water conference, where they were part of a cohort of four 2022 J-WAFS Travel Grantees. The Travel Grants allow outstanding MIT graduate students with research in the water sector to attend select water conferences for academic and professional development. The students act as J-WAFS representatives while attending seminars, panel discussions, and networking events.

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A design for the smart bucket that demonstrates the architecture of the sensor module being designed and the water fetching vessels it can be retrofitted to.
Image: courtesy of the researchers and J-WAFS

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