MIT D-Lab 2023 Fall Classes

MIT D-Lab works with people around the world to advance collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges. In D-Lab classes, from Humanitarian Innovation to Design for Scale, students work throughout the semester with NGOs, entrepreneurs, and researchers in low-resourced areas of Africa, Central and South America, Asia, and the US. Classes are open to undergraduates and graduate students; most offer opportunities for travel. More about D-Lab’s 7 fall classes here.

By MIT D-Lab

Aug 25, 2023

Through MIT D'Lab's suite of classes, MIT students acquire competency in the participatory design process, understand and apply principles of engineering and design, engage in hands-on shop work, learn to think critically about theories of development, and obtain meaningful experiences in the field — all preparing them to continue socially and environmentally conscious work that addresses issues of global poverty.

Take an MIT D-Lab class and become an effective agent of global change while at MIT and beyond!

D-Lab Development students collaborate with Oaxin, Tejiendo Alianzas, and Oaxacan communities. Pictured here: students and community members with a cart they redesigned for a recyclables entrepreneur.
Photo: Courtesy of MIT D-Lab

Fall Semester Classes / 2023

Humanitarian Innovation
EC.750 / EC.785 (G)
Amy Smith, Martha Thompson

Global Ventures

MAS.665 / 15.375 / EC.731J
Ramesh Raskar

Design for Scale

EC.729 / 2.729 / EC.797 (G) / 2.789 (G)
TR11:30-1 (lecture), R1-2.30 (lab)
Macauley Kenney, Will Reeves, Maria Yang

Applications of Energy in Global Development

2.652 / EC.712 / EC.782 (G)
Daniel Sweeney

D-Lab: Schools – Building Technology Laboratory

4.411 / EC.713J
M2-5, W9:30-11
Les Norford

D-Lab: Development

11.025 / 11.472 (G) / EC.701 / EC.781 (G)
Libby Hsu, Bish Sanyal

D-Lab: Gender & Development

EC.718 / EC.798 (G) / WGS.277
Libby McDonald, Sally Haslanger

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