Design Library, Part 4

Most popular books and articles in the MIT MAD design community.

Oct 24, 2023

The New Designer

Rejecting Myths, Embracing Change

Manuel LIMA
The MIT Press
Available through MIT Libraries

The choices made by designers have a significant effect on the world. Yet so much of the discourse on design focuses on aesthetics rather than ethics. The New Designer displays how to develop an ethical design practice and build a better world.

Maintenance Architecture

The MIT Press
Available through MIT Libraries

An inventive examination of the architectural significance of maintenance through a series of short texts and images about specific buildings, materials, and projects.

Feminist Designer

On the Personal and the Political in Design

Edited by Alison PLACE
The MIT Press
Available through MIT Libraries

This collection, edited by Alison Place, however, is a call to move beyond this narrow application. Feminist design is not just about who does design—it is about how we do design and why.

Racism Untaught

Revealing and Unlearning Racialized Design

Lisa E MERCER & Terresa MOSES
The MIT Press
Not yet available through MIT Libraries

A step-by-step guide to anti-racist interventions in academic, business, and community settings that benefits all participants. Adapted from their successful workshop series and filled with concrete examples and ample case studies, their book teaches participants how to analyze design—and reimagine racialized artifacts, systems, and experiences guided by anti-oppressive principles.

101 Design Methods

A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organization

Available through MIT Libraries

A step-by-step guidebook for successful innovation planning. Strategists, managers, designers, and researchers who undertake the challenge of innovation, despite a lack of established procedures and a high risk of failure, will find this an invaluable resource.


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