2023 Design Fellow Alexandra Rieger Innovates in the Field of Omnisensory Medicine

Apr 9, 2024

A 2023 Design Fellow at the MIT Morningside Academy for Design (MAD), Alexandra Rieger is implementing MediMusical designs as part of a stroke patient study at Harvard's Mass General. She seeks to develop and deploy standardizing solutions, assistive technologies, and inspired designs underscored by music for cognitive pathologies and further challenges facing our world today.

Alexandra is a doctoral candidate in the MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future Group, a Harvard Graduate Student, and an MGH Fellow. She's a cognitive neuroscientist, interdisciplinary designer, mechatronic engineer, multi-instrumentalist folk musician, and instructor.

Alexandra carves the field of inquiry “Omnisensory Medicine,” an emerging area of study engaging the senses for earlier diagnostics, data-based intervention, and targeted treatments. She leverages her MediMusical innovations in clinical settings as a sensory data interface that extends provider-patient support from in-person to telehealth.

Alexandra is dedicated to leveraging her multidisciplinary background to design medical interventions to support healthcare access for patients globally. A skilled pianist from a young age, Alexandra spent childhood afternoons as a youth musician for hospitals, nursing homes, and benefit venues.

As an honorary UN Youth Ambassador, her worldwide social service work and interactive hospital concerts continue to inform her work. She received her Bachelor's at Stanford University and is a University of Oxford Alumna (Bing-Programme). Her first Master's is in Neuroscience, Engineering, and Cross-Modal Studies from Dartmouth College. Her second Master's at MIT focused on interventive instruments for Alzheimer's in collaboration with the Aging Brain Initiative.

Her skills as a luthier converge with her engineering as she creates first-of-their-kind MediMusical Instruments for clinical applications.

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