Kyle Gordon

Product Designer, Entrepreneur


Kyle Lindon Gordon is an MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management who hails from Brooklyn, N,Y. and holds degrees in mathematics and mechanical engineering. He’s an intrapreneur who's interested in tackling access and representation challenges in Media and Entertainment, at scale, by harmonizing creative talent with technical capability.

He spent more than five years in the San Francisco Bay area at Google, working on innovation program management for search product development, with a specialization in character, delight, and humanization features. While at MIT, he’s serving as president and designer at Move Up Lift Up, a consulting venture he cofounded in 2017 that focuses on the intersection of art, culture, and technology.

Kyle is a passionate pop culture enthusiast who loves comic books, animation, films, and games. These interests pushed him towards science and technology as an academic focus, and eventually, a profession. They also fostered his deep appreciation for different art styles and design languages used on the page and screen. Similarly, his Jamaican roots and tight-knit family dynamics inspired a lifelong motivation for community building.

At MIT, Kyle is focusing his education on product management, design strategy, and creative production, with a research emphasis on the future of emotionally resonant experiences in interactive media.