Dennis Liu

PhD, Vice President of Education


Dennis is an internationally recognized expert in science education and educational media. As Vice President of Education for the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, he leads the Foundation's education programs, in particular the Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador Program working to infuse biodiversity conservation thinking across the curriculum.

In part inspired by E.O. Wilson, Dennis shifted his focus from molecular medicine to what Wilson called “the little things that run the world,” – from ants to hummingbirds to pitcher plants, the millions of other species our very lives depend on.

He works to carry forward Ed’s mission to protect our planet’s precious biodiversity now and for future generations. He also serves on the board of The American Chestnut Foundation, Homegrown National Park, and is President of the American Conservation Film Festival.


The Power of Design

Forum, Public Program, Workshop
Nov 15, 2023