Tiandra Ray

Cross-Disciplinary Designer


Tiandra Ray (NY, MA) is a Puerto Rican and African American human exploring frameworks and spaces for liberation through communal learning and creative engagement.

She is currently in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, though she prefers to spend her time wandering and connecting between various departments and initiatives on and off campus. Before starting her masters, she worked for NuVu Innovation School developing integrated design programs and curriculum (specifically in architectural, engineering, industrial and fashion design) at various K-12 schools in the Boston area.

She has also been teaching with the MITES middle and high school outreach programs at MIT since 2015. Previously, she worked as a fabrication specialist and architectural designer at Reverse Architecture. In addition, Tiandra is a co-founder of the Space for Action collective, an emerging interdisciplinary group of scientists, artists, and musicians who curate events for the public to grapple with human impact on our physical and social ecosystems. Tiandra received her bachelor of science in architecture from MIT in 2015.