Saeed Arida

Co-founder and Chief Excitement Officer, NuVu


Saeed Arida is the co-founder and CEO of NuVu, an organization committed to bringing creative education to students around the world. NuVu is paving the way for a new studio-based educational model that nurtures students’ creative and innovative skills through project-based, collaborative design. Since its inception in 2010, NuVu has launched the NuVu Innovation School, based in Cambridge, Mass.; NuVuX, which works with 30 schools around the world to introduce integrated studio programs inside schools; and a visual learning platform called Nufolio, created for students, teachers, and administrators who want to supercharge their project-based approach with a rigorous design process.

The work of NuVu students regularly garnishes national and international media attention through mainstream and educational outlets, such as Wired, NPR, Venture Beat, TechCrunch, as well as the White House Science Fair.

Arida received the PhD in design and computation in 2009 from MIT’s Department of Architecture.


The Power of Design

Oct 18, 2022