Pedro Reynolds-Cuéllar

Designer, Linguist


Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar is a doctoral student from Colombia based jointly at the Future Heritage Lab at MIT's Program in Art, Culture and Technology and the Space Enabled Group in the MIT Media Lab. Pedro studied linguistics at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia where he worked on articulatory phonetics and signal processing. He did his master’s degree work with the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, where he focused on designing interactions to explore the role social robots play in fostering children's socio-emotional skills, such as empathy.

His current work focuses on studying and documenting the design histories and practices that led to the creation of ancestral technologies in Colombia. This category of technologies holds deep cultural, ecological and socio-historical value for the people and places where they were created. Pedro uses insights from this work to propose design practices and pedagogical approaches that lead to the development of more sustainable and just technologies.