Norhan Bayomi

Environmental scientist, architect, inventor, electronic music producer, and Trance DJ


Norhan is co-founder and COO at Lamarr.AI. Norhan received her PhD from Building Technology from MIT in 2022 and masters from the same program in 2017. Norhan is also a post-doctoral fellow at MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative and lead researcher at the Urban Metabolism Group. Norhan’s research fuses artificial intelligence, design, and technology to tackle problems in the built environment. Named after Hollywood icon and inventor, Hedy Lamarr, Lamarr provides a rapid solution for building envelope inspection and related energy efficiency assessment via drones, and artificial intelligence as fast as having an MRI scan for your building. Through an automated workflow, Lamarr’s technology provides actionable data for retrofits strategies that architects and urban development stakeholders can use immediately.


MIT–HPI Workshop

Mar 29, 2023

Making Sustainable Design

Boston Design Week, Forum
Apr 26, 2023

Spring 2024 HPI–MIT Workshop

Mar 21–Mar 22, 2024