Natha (Bam) Singhasaneh

Engineer, Educator


Natha (Bam) Singhasaneh believes that everyday interactions subconsciously shape perception and behavior, and that redesigning these experiences for children can create meaningful and long-lasting impact. Aspiring to empower the younger generation to become better global citizens, Bam is interested in exploring how to foster empathy through the design of products, services, and the built environment.

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, Bam has served many roles that fueled her passion to design for young children. She was involved with multiple startups researching, ideating, prototyping, and pitching new consumer products and services. She engineered a wide range of products in the sustainability and well-being spaces, from a smart bin to a countertop greenhouse. In addition to her work in product development, she teaches elementary to college level mathematics, and has taught more than 50 students ages six to 21. She brings her love for mentoring to MIT, where she coaches interdisciplinary project teams across multiple classes and programs.

By leveraging her experiences as a design engineer, entrepreneur, and educator, Bam wants to invent creative solutions to systemic problems at the intersection of the sustainability and education sectors. As a master’s student in MIT’s Integrated Design & Management program, she is exploring ways to utilize human-centered design to create more engaging, effective, and natural learning experiences for children. She also strives to apply her learnings and expertise to provide better opportunities for the younger generation in her home country, Thailand.