Jana Saadi

Engineer, Designer


Jana I Saadi started her mechanical engineering career as an undergraduate at MIT taking 2.00b Toy Product Design, co-taught at the time by Professor David Wallace and Professor Maria Yang. Now, she has come full circle as a Ph.D. candidate in Professor Yang’s Ideation Lab, where she studies the role of AI tools in early-stage design processes.

Her passion for design can be found both in her academic work and personal life. In addition to all her hands-on coursework, she is a staff member for 2.00 Introduction to Design, where she enjoys mentoring the next generation of creative designers.

After going home at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jana’s desire for hands-on design led her to transform her garage into a workspace for her growing list of home projects. In her off hours Jana can be found enjoying the outdoors by hiking, biking, or kayaking with her family and friends.


Tomorrow’s Designers, Designing Today

Boston Design Week, Forum
May 3, 2023