Daniel Sweeney

D-Lab Research Scientist, Biomass Fuel & Cookstoves; Lecturer


Dan is a mechanical engineer, research scientist and lecturer leading biomass fuel, cookstove and air quality research at MIT D-Lab. Aligned with MIT D-Lab’s approach, Dan’s work emphasizes “design with” as opposed to “design for,” in collaboration with community organizations and social enterprises that are serving their communities with household energy products and services. After finishing a PhD at the University of Utah, he moved to Sweden for a Fulbright Fellowship focused on the development of advanced processes for converting biomass residues to energy and fuels (and, while there, sometimes got to cross-country ski over the frozen Baltic Sea to work when the road was impassable by bicycle). Dan is active in the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee on Clean Cooking Solutions and was the lead instructor for the 2016 International Development Design Summit on Cookstoves, held in Kampala, Uganda. Dan hails from Northern Colorado where his family operates a small farm. He enjoys rock climbing and folk music.


Making Sustainable Design

Boston Design Week, Forum
Apr 26, 2023