Clemence Couteau



Clemence Couteau is an MBA candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She is passionate about designing simple, accessible, and effective tools to change people’s health behaviors, especially in low-resource settings.

Originally from France, Clemence spent most of her childhood in San Jose, California before studying Human Biology at Stanford University. Inspired by a course on designing solutions to major global health problems, she went on to work in the Peace Corps in Benin, West Africa where she built reproductive health and malaria education programs for rural communities. In this role she observed how patient health data was collected by hand and vastly underutilized, leading her to become interested in the ways digital transformation can improve healthcare delivery and equity. More recently, Clemence worked as a technical program manager at leading telehealth company Amwell, managing the development of a patient-facing chatbot designed to monitor and improve patient outcomes between medical appointments. She is now pursuing an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship and product management to learn how to design and deploy digital healthcare solutions at scale.

Alongside her studies, Clemence is working with nurtur, a startup spun out of MIT that is building a digital application to predict and prevent postpartum depression in pregnant women. She is researching how conversation design and gamification strategies can improve women’s engagement with the content and thereby improve clinical outcomes.

At MIT, Clemence is the VP of Mentorship on Sloan Women in Management (SWIM), Co-Lead of the Sloan Healthcare Innovations Prize (SHIP), and Co-President of the Sloan Running Club. In her free time, she enjoys trail running, traveling, and listening to psychology podcasts.