Alexander S. Crease

Engineer, Inventor


Alexander Crease is a user-centric designer and engineer, who strives to create experiences that foster inclusive play and learning experiences, acting on the knowledge that the environments and experiences people interact with are critical to how they see their own potential. He has held several roles in product development in Boston-area technology companies, but it was his passions outside of work that shifted his career objectives.

From competing on BattleBots to creating extravagant costumes for children who use wheelchairs, Alex spends his free time designing inspirational, empowering experiences for young people. Those projects — and the children’s joyful reactions — put the spotlight on the importance of wonder, curiosity, and inclusion in childhood play and beyond.

Alex received a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering from Olin College, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in MIT’s Integrated Design & Management (IDM) program. Through the program’s interdisciplinary project-based curriculum, Alex has designed experiences that bring families together through play and learning. In addition to his classwork, Alex mentors groups of students across the university through Product Design and Development and IDM design classes to nurture interdisciplinary project teams, and expand his own knowledge of the design process.

With his combined engineering and design expertise, he intends to use technology, play, and learning to create impactful, empowering products and experiences, and build a framework that integrates ethics and sustainability into the human-centered design process. He hopes to continue to develop his product design experience as part of the community of designers connected to the Morningside Academy for Design.