Adélaïde Zollinger

Director of Communications


Adélaïde Zollinger is MAD’s director of communications. She tells the many stories MAD generates through its diverse programs and Design Fellows, a role she is familiar with for having previously worked for thecamp, an innovation campus in the south of France. In her role with thecamp, she engaged private and public stakeholders, artists, and entrepreneurs working on projects with social impact.

Originally from France, her professional paths have taken her to five countries — France, Spain, Sweden, Australia, and the United States — and industries ranging from fashion to publishing to professional pastry and food blogging.

Adélaïde has a B.A. in French modern literature and a B.A. in communications from Sorbonne University in Paris; a master’s degree in brand strategy from Sorbonne University; a master’s degree in writing, editing, and publishing from Paris-Nanterre University; and a professional pastry degree from Alain Ducasse’s School of Higher Studies in Pastry.

She has a passion for textiles; she knits, crochets, and sews when she isn’t cooking or roaming local antique shops for one-of-a-kind finds with her family.