Transquility: Robotic Dynamic Media Facade

Transquility intersects architecture, media and robotics.

Produced by students as part of the Fall 2012 Design Without Boundaries Class, Transquillity is a kinetic transformable media façade that will envelop Pandora and fuse together a building with its city and merge inside with outside, and its workers with passerby.

Students imagined the media wall as a dynamic entity which would perform beyond a conventional media wall. As well as acting as a large definition screen, Transquillity it is a transformable kinetic sculpture that introduces a dimension of depth to the surface.

The media façade will be constructed of individual panels that are combined into create a single screen that can display dynamic HD video with a 400 Hz refresh rate. Each individual panel in Transquillity will have the capability to sweep about two axes in a graceful motion creating a wealth of interesting effects on the northern façade of the building Pandora.

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