Redesign the retail experience for millennials

Pushing ideas further to create a disruptive experience

As part of the Designing Interactions class about the Future Retail Experience Targeting Millennials (Spring 2015), students not only started thinking about possible innovative ideas, but also aimed to understand the current trend Millennials are interested in. Also, they pushed those innovative ideas further to create a disruptive experience for Arcelik store. They created prototypes of their ideas: Arce-Link is a device that allows customers to get information in-store and also to leave reviews verbally; Celik-Assist provides seamless shopping experience from the store window through the purchase; Holo-logue is a playful holographic catalogue for Millennials; Intellipod is a pod within a store that provides engaging AI experience which provides extreme personalization for customers; Arcelik Transformer is a flexible pop-up space that is activated by selected Arcelik products to promote brand recognition.


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