Mobile UV Monitor to mitigate cancer risk

New wearable devices have the potential to mitigate cancer risks.

The use of wearable devices to monitor health risks has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2011, the Mobile Experience Lab designed and tested wearable devices for monitoring exposure to UV radiation, with the objective of helping prevent skin cancer. Through a user-friendly interface, our device provides real-time information to limit overexposure to a known human carcinogen. Its architecture employs powerful smartphone features to interact with the user and a wireless sensor to monitor the UV radiation. UV index data, measured by the handheld sensor, are sent to the mobile phone using a low-energy wireless protocol. The incoming data, post-processed by the mobile application, are displayed to help the user make an appropriate decision regarding sun protection. By continuously monitoring and providing meaningful history graphs, the tool provides a long-term view of UV exposure with which personal behavior modification decisions may be made.

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