Telecom Innovation Center

The Center will showcase the company’s most innovative products and serve to gather customers’ feedback on new concepts

The Journey Maps

The Türk Telekom Innovation Center design was created by the MIT Design Lab and includes both physical and digital/technological aspects focusing on the user experience of the spaces.

Three journey maps were created in reference to the key user needs aiming to achieve the most fluidity when moving within the space. This study further led us to the layout of the Customer Center Experience shown in the next chapter.

- Hubbed Journey: This experiential narrative leverages the connected city module as a flexible and all incompassing module. By starting in the connected city module and venturing out from there, the module can reset in order to showcase data that is relevant to the next module which will be explored. For example, showcasing health data before visiting the health module.

- Linear Journey: This experiential narrative takes advantage of the overlap between the health market and the consumer market within the wearables space. By starting either at the healthcare module or the smart home module it takes visitors through a gradient and linear experience.

- Scattered Journey: This experiential narrative allow users to treat each module as a unique  experience where visitors can meander and explore on a whim.

Office and CEC redesign

We aim to develop a seamless blend of digital and physical experiences for customers where they can observe ongoing research, engage with cutting edge technologies and participate in innovation. We envision that the new CEC will be a public manifestation of an innovative culture at Avea.

Office, Customer Experience Center and gallery were designed for optimizing spaces and functions creating a flexible and interactive environment. The furniture design for inside spaces includes collaborative workstations, private workspaces, informal and formal meeting rooms that combines analog and digital elements to create a functional space for work sessions. Modular structures and digital integrated technologies give flexibility to content and functions for both employees and clients.

Türk Telekom

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