Social Media Commerce Platforms to Promote Fashion Industries

A digital platform designed to connect local artisans to the global economy.

Italian business districts have a unique and specialized identity. In particular, the fashion district of Prato is known for its skilled craftsmanship. However, despite the breadth of products manufactured in the region, it is not recognized in the global economy. This project looked to design a digital platform that would help connect local artisans to the wider world.

The outcome of this project was a web platform called Fashion Valley. Fashion Valley allows artisans to showcase their work, and visitors to the site can browse by artisan, craft, or project. Analytics measure activity on the platform, and in this way, the district can better understand how they might leverage the global economy to share their skills. Fashion Valley also facilitates the negotiation process between artisans and those looking to employ their skill, and in addition, helps artisans manage the projects for which they have been employed.

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