ChipChop: A Connected Cutting Board

The ChipChop cutting board was created as part of a weekend hackathon

If you have ever tried to navigate a touchscreen with messy hands, you know it is a big drawback. This is especially challenging in the kitchen. So, while touchscreen tablets are great for displaying recipes while cooking, they have been largely useless for anything else. ChipChop, created as part of a weekend hackathon, solves the problem. In addition to displaying recipes, it functions as an actual cutting board. It can measure ingredients right on the screen, allows the user with food-covered hands to access information from the Web or elsewhere, and can be used to connect with others. It is a genuine implementation of the Internet of Things.

To solve this the team designed an interface replacement for the tablet. By using a cutting board as the touch interface users could control their tablet and even get feedback from the recipe. Not only could users swipe the pages of a recipe but the sizes certain ingredients were indicated on the cutting board through LED lights.

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