MIT Atlas Center

Rethinking and redesigning the service center experience.

The Atlas Center will be a place where tasks such as getting ID Cards, setting up various accounts, or receiving transportation passes could be as efficient and welcoming as possible to help students and faculty feel at home at MIT. The Design Lab also wanted to showcase the talent and incredible research that happens in each of the 5 schools of MIT. Asking: how can a simple task such as picking up a subway pass become an enjoyable experience? Can it also be an opportunity to learn about what’s going on in Astrophysics or Material Science? Those were some of the goals for the new Atlas Center. With an interactive media-wall, touch-sensitive Tangible Map, digital kiosks, and app-integration – the new Atlas Center can start to be place that accomplishes tasks efficiently but is also an exciting space to be in. It can be a place that reflects the identity of MIT.


Atlas Service Center

Documenting the development of the ATLAS center from envisioning through to built project.

Tangible Map

A custom built tangible user interface in the ATLAS center gathers data from campus API and presents it to the user.

Atlas Center Chat Bot

We developed a custom chatbot to allow students to quickly access data about classes, buildings and faculty.

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