CONNECTED CARE Hackathon in honor of Bill Mitchell

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Challenge yourself with a great group of designers, makers, and hackers, and tinker with an awesome toolbox to create a connected object that embodies the feeling of being cared for. Hack for 48 hours in an intense and creative environment, presenting your projects to an audience of innovators and industry leaders.

What do you think about when you normally think about insurance? Maybe it's paperwork, stress, waiting, or the fact that you think insurance is really boring. But, insurance is actually designed to protect what's important to you: your family, your money, your belongings. Despite that, most people still don't have a positive association with insurance. Together with BNP Paribas Cardif, we are imagining the future of insurance by creating a connected object that protects what is important to you, provides a constant feeling of being safe, and keeps you informed. The connected object you create will be a physical manifestation of insurance that generates empathy and a positive, intimate connection between the user and the insurance company in daily life. 

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Bill Mitchell: Excerpts from City of Bits
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Here are a few more links that might be helpful in understanding Bill Mitchell's work.

MIT Video : Bill Mitchell Interview on Infinite History Project
MIT Press: Bill Mitchell's Books
Book: Connected Sustainable Cities by Bill Mitchell and Federico Casalegno 

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Consider these three scenarios:

1. Imagine you're Marie, a working mother with 2 teenagers and elderly parents. 

Design a connected object that helps Marie keep track of her kids' and parents' safety.

2. Imagine you're Alice, a millennial who just started working at a startup in a new city. 

Design a connected object that makes Alice feel safe on her commute and at home alone.

3. Imagine you're Marc, a divorced executive who just bought a second home. 

Design an object that helps Marc check in remotely on his property that has been damaged in a storm.

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