MAS.966: Smart Mobility: Rethinking the Paris Bus Line

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Working in close collaboration with the French public transportation authority RATP, we examine the concept of smart mobility in the city context, considering a bus line as a starting point to rethink multimodal urban transportation systems.

Design Interventions

Self-Organizing Bus System

In the ubiquitously networked urban environment, the increasing possibility to control complex dynamic systems in real time with computers and to be seamlessly connected to portable devices allows us to design intelligently self-organizing bus routes.

Reconfiguring the Bus

We can reconfigure the bus so that it can be structurally much more connected to the urban environment, to people and to city services. Moreover, by embedding electronic intelligence, sensors and communication systems in buses, we can escape the traditional bus design and explore innovative solutions that are more adapted to people's needs.

Electronic Guimard

We suggest new designs for bus stops that can take particular advantage of electronic displays and create a unique character for Paris, establishing new urban identities.

Neighborhood Concierge

Bus stops are not only entry points to buses, but also to local life in surrounding neighborhoods.