MAS.960: The Electronic Lens: Ubiquitous Citizenship and Mobile Media

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Unlocking the human capital of the community

How can governments and civic institutions become more responsive and offer better services to urban citizens and visitors through use of mobile, wireless, location-aware technologies?

The e-Lens is implemented on a mobile phone and combines location and orientation awareness to provide pedestrian with immediate, on-the-spot, geographically and temporally contextualized information about the attractions and resources that a city offers.

Electronic lens enabling technologies

RadioActive: creates a new environment for mobile location based asynchronous audio discussion.

D-touch: a flexible image recognition system connecting people to location based information

Constellation: enhances social connections, and manages community networks.

Chaperon: provides just-in-time help by connecting pedestrians with the local neighborhood.

xLink is the coordinating system on th e-Lens. All of the above technologies rely on xLink for information exchange.