MAS.551: Sustainable Homes and transportations

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This multidisciplinary workshop provided opportunities to pursue real-world design projects that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, apply advanced technologies, and address significant social issues. The projects explore the design of a smart, connected, sustainable home, as well as image advanced scenarios for sustainable transportation within cities.

Sustainable Homes

The challenge of the Sustainable Home workshop was to radically reinvent the house of the twenty-first century in collaboration with the Province of Trento. Students was asked to imagine a provocative design and architecture that promotes a sustainable and human living environment. The class was divided into multidisciplinary teams: the sustainable house of the twenty-firsts century was powered by renewable energy, redesigned from an innovative architectural perspective, and equipped with advanced information and communication technologies. 

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Connected Urban Development was focused on creating innovative and implementable visions to promote sustainable transportation that leverage mobile technologies and ubiquitous urban computing. We imagined breakthrough scenarios to inform mayors and policy makers and help them develop innovative solutions that aim to positively impact economic development, social inclusion, and sustainable urban design.