Inspire Conversations 2: Chris Lefteri

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Please join us this coming Tuesday, February 13th at 9:30 am for a Breakfast Inspire Conversation with Chris Lefteri. We will start with a light breakfast at 9:00 am in our lab space. Please come with inspiring questions!


Chris Lefteri is one of the most influential materials experts working in design today. He has gained the internationally recognized reputation as 'The Materials Man', and is the leading authority on materials and their application in design.

A leading advocate for material-centric design, he has published nine books on design and material innovation (translated into six languages), which have irrevocably changed the way designers consider materials. His previous books include "Making It: Manufacturing Techniques for Product Design", and five titles in the "Materials for Inspirational Design" series covering Plastic, Wood, Glass, Metals and Ceramics.

Lefteri is a senior lecturer at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, and he conducts workshops at his Materials Design Lab, where he introduces participants to a range of materials and the ways they can be used. His own business in London, Chris Lefteri Design, has worked with Fortune 500 companies and major design studios across Europe, the US and Asia implementing a broad range of strategies for effective materials integration in the design process.

Lefteri is the editor and creative director of Ingredients magazine, which has a subscription of over 5,000 designers across the world.

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