Innovation: Beyond the Buzzword 2018

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On its third year, MIT Design Lab held a three-day intensive Professional Education class in July 2018. This course, which is centered on the concept of Design Thinking, answers the question that comes from actually involving yourself in the activity of innovation. 

The course includes lectures from faculty and guests, discussions of case studies in innovation models and methods, and learning expeditions on and beyond the MIT campus. We go beyond these traditional classroom activities to include hands-on experiences with cutting-edge innovations as well as group work and a class hackathon to engage in genuine innovating- and through that, to gain an understanding beyond the buzzword. Participants will emerge as more critical thinkers, knowledgeable about what innovation is (and is not), how it happens, how to discern meaningful trends in design and technology, and how to identify opportunities and propose innovative products, services, and experiences. 

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