H20 Flow: location-based sustainability


The H2flOw Project is an opportunity for teenagers to develop an awareness of sustainable water usage. Through a combination of web & mobile applications, and constructible tangible interfaces, the H2flow Project envisions a technological ecosystem as resource for educational discovery. By using interactive media and hands-on learning, the project is a pedagogical experience that enables teenagers to actively explore water consumption in their locality. Youths will use a web based platform developed by the lab (named Locast) to share their findings in real-time and engage the greater community. The project will be implemented at the Science Museum in Trento, Italy with a distributed approach that incorporates schools, homes, and the city of Trento. The H2flow Project is a collaboration between the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the Science Museum in Trento, Italy, within the Green Home Alliance.

Locast H2flOw on Vimeo

January 2011

Trentino, Italy