Future of Television

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Partnering with RAI, we conducted an educational workshop for the purpose of understanding the future of media. Participants in this workshop envisioned the future of media and research cutting-edge trends in new media technology, user trends and media solutions.

In particular, we are interested in understanding the future of media and how people access and elaborate information and content on mobile devices. During the educational workshop, we explored some areas to better understand new media trends, such as info-tourism, culture, and gastronomy; environmental sustainability; participatory journalism; and entertainment.

One of the key themes that we explored as a strategic area of investigation concerns tourism, culture, and gastronomy. This is a vast area where technological innovation resonates with advanced user experiences. This helps inform us of new media trends, and could be a crucial area to understand the future of media and media consumption. Another key area of investigation is understanding how media can provide content to better inform citizens about sustainability and how citizens can access this information, whether via a mobile device, online, or through broadcast programs Participatory journalism is clearly an area where the most innovative social practices resonate with online platforms and portable devices. New methods of participatory journalism and user-generated content publishing was also key areas of investigation.


Venice, Italy