Innovation: Beyond the Buzzword 2017

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On its second year, MIT Design Lab held a three-day intensive Professional Education class in July 2017. The Special Classes on Innovation takes a hands-on approach that leads to the rapid production of agile prototypes of ideas and and experiences. Participants learned essential skills and practices of design thinking methods that can be applied across a wide range of domains and industries.

To facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas, approaches, and critical thought, professionals from all industries are welcome. People from across the functional business spectrum will find the course valuable, including strategy leaders, directors of innovation and technology, product managers, engineers, marketers, and R&D personnel. All participants must come with a willingness and enthusiasm to engage and be ready to share their particular passions and expertise.

- Understand what constitutes as genuine innovation

- Investigate the models and methods behind how innovation happens—what works and what doesn't work

- Explore how the business landscape is being changed by innovators and the strategies that make it possible to succeed in this new age.

- Examine how innovations create or expand markets and delight users—and how participants can tap into this knowledge

- Learn how to apply Design Thinking to transform their own organizations