Design for the Energy Industry

The Mobility Hub

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Reinventing a Gas Station as a Hub for Multi-Modal Mobility

A major shift is happening in metropolitan mobility resulting in entirely reformatted patterns and processes of movement. The gas station is positioned to become the centerpiece of this new era of transportation, but must make three substantial transitions to successfully achieve its potential as a hub of mobility:

Expand focus of services and products beyond oil

Engage with the new mobility lifestyle and its infrastructural needs

Enable and encourage multi-modal transportation

These innovations are not only beneficial for the city, and will improve the lives of its inhabitants, but also results in the eni station patron developing beyond vehicle owners to become the entire community.

The result

A sustainable gas station that offers a clean, comfortable, easy experience. It begins with a smart robotic pumping system that recognizes the car, delivers the right fuel, and is integrated with a quick, seamless digital payment system. There is the potential for a highly sophisticated loyalty/reward program for customers. The station itself is self-sufficient, generating the energy it needs to operate from the motion of vehicles that enter and exit, as well as by collecting rainwater and via solar panels. The entire station of tomorrow is a thing in the Internet of Things.

Design Guidelines

1 - Vehicle & Pedestrian Flows

2 - Fueling

3 - Multi-Modal Transport

4 - Social Spaces

5 - Retail

Vehicle & pedestrian flows

The Hub is designed to fit and adapt to typical ENI station conditions in outer Milan. It works with the pump and canopy module, with natural pedestrian flows and with natural pedestrian circulation in building and retail layout. The design focus on separation of vehicle and pedestrian areas for safety and experience.

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Implementing pump with the robotic arm designed for the fuel station project that automatically starts the fueling once the payment is processed, the Hub design includes also the electric charging.

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Multi-Modal Transport

The Hub is designed to represent a multi-modal transport solutions involving car and bike sharing as well as public transportation and public parking. To do this the project provide an Enjoy Tower, the Milano city bike sharing, a bus/tram stop and the car stacking.

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Social space

Seeing the Hub as a social space, his “Smart Work Center” (SWCs) represent a new potential for service offerings and city infrastructure.

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The Hub offers different retail option as delivery lockers, digital retail services and retail buffer.

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