Atlas Center ChatBot

All of MIT’s online resources -- for student life, administrative systems, health FAQs, etc. -- are spread across numerous websites. This leads to users spending time searching on a browser and clicking through multiple pages in order to find the information they seek. With the Atlas ChatBot, we aim to bring an extensive collection of information from across the MIT campus to a single source, making the answer to any question about MIT a single message away.

Why a ChatBot?

Our chatbot answers questions from MIT students, employees, parents, and visiting tourists and prospective students, responding to queries regarding MIT classes, people, buildings, events, and more. It is also a resource for on-campus directions, and a connection to information regarding MIT Medical, MIT Admissions, and of course Atlas - a single online gateway for administrative systems at MIT.

Chatbots help people quickly find the things they need, while also delivering services and information directly into an interface they already know and love. A quick query to a chatbot delivers answers much faster than searching through the pages of a website or app.

This technology isn’t about fooling people into thinking they're talking to a real person — it’s about making people’s lives easier. While the bot's interactions currently follow a script, we are constantly working on improving it's natural language understanding and individual user personalization.

Interacting with the Bot

You can start chatting with the bot directly by clicking this link. We are continually working on the bot, and will update this page as new features roll out. As of 04/04/17, the bot can respond to the following queries:

- Tell me about [class number]

- When is [class number] offered?

- Where is [class number] taught?

- Who teaches [class number]?

- I'm interested in a class on [class topic] offered in the [term]

- How do i get to [building/department/venue]?

- Where is [building name]?

- Are there any events on [event topic] on campus?

- Are any events happening on campus in the next [number] days?

- Are any events happening in [building name]?

- Info on [event name]

- Where is [professor's name]'s office?

- What classes does [professor's name]'s teach?

Part of a Larger Project - the MIT Atlas Service Center

The Atlas Service Center is a research design project by the MIT Design Lab, aimed at rethinking and redesigning the service center experience. The Atlas Center will be a place where tasks such as getting ID Cards, setting up various accounts, or receiving transportation passes could be as efficient and welcoming as possible to help students and faculty feel at home at MIT. The Design Lab also wanted to showcase the talent and incredible research that happens in each of the 5 schools of MIT. Asking: how can a simple task such as picking up a subway pass become an enjoyable experience? Can it also be an opportunity to learn about what’s going on in Astrophysics or Material Science? Those were some of the goals for the new Atlas Center. With an interactive media-wall, touch-sensitive 3D Campus Map, digital kiosks, and app-integration – the new Atlas Center can start to be place that accomplishes tasks efficiently but is also an exciting space to be in. It can be a place that reflects the identity of MIT.

The new Atlas center, located in Building E17, comes complete with a number of architectural and digital features. The architectural features aim to make the space more open and inviting while making efficient use of it, and the digital features aim to make the processes simpler and more engaging for users.

Learn more about the Atlas Service Center here.