Aquarium of the Future: NEAQ 2069


Students! If you are attending the workshop, please make sure to show up at the MEDIA LAB at 10 am on Monday, 1/22! After a brief introduction, we will head to the Aquarium as a group!

To jumpstart this project, the Design Lab will host an IAP workshop that will serve to generate ideas, involvement, and excitement for the project. During this workshop, students will work in groups to develop future scenarios depicting what the experience of the aquarium will be in 50 years. The workshop will begin with a trip to the New England Aquarium, involve several days of intense project ideation, development, and prototyping, and conclude with presentations of student work.

Location: MIT Media Lab

Dates: January 22nd-26th

Time: 2-6pm (plus a Monday-morning visit to NEAQ to start the week)

Lead faculty:

Federico Casalegno | Design Lab

Yihyun Lim | Design Lab

Joe Paradiso | Media Lab - Responsive Environments

Mike Bove | Media Lab - Object-Based Media

Open Ocean Initiative lead:

Katy Croff Bell | Media Lab

Project lead:

Scott Penman | Design Lab


Day 1: Download and Learn

Location: New England Aquarium, E15-335

Aquarium Immersion:

Aquarium visit and kickoff presentation by NEAQ

Lunch at MIT

Workshop Introduction:

Presentations by Design Lab and Media Lab faculty

Exercise + Group Work:

Envisioning 2069

Dinner provided

Day 2: Ideate

Location: E15-335

Round-table Discussion:

Review of initial scoping exercises

Brainstorm and Refine:

Student group work session

Elevator Pitches:

Initial presentations of group concepts with feedback from faculty and workshop leads

Dinner provided

Day 3: Prototype

Location: E15-335


Designing for Users

Concept Development and Prototyping:

Student group work sessions

Dinner provided

Day 4: Prototype

Location: E15-335


Storytelling and Communication


Student group work sessions

Dinner provided

Day 5: Present

Location: E14-240


Final presentations of student work

Dinner provided