Meet Our Team


The MIT Morningside Academy for Design is an interdisciplinary hub for design education, research, and entrepreneurship. The Academy aims to educate future generations in design, foster design innovation, and encourage entrepreneurship to empower individual and collective problem-solving capacity around the globe.

The Academy aspires to transform learning by further integrating design methodologies into MIT courses and curricula that will spread beyond campus as our graduates move through the world. For K-12 educators, students, and learners everywhere, we are creating a public reservoir of design projects for all to access.

The Academy catalyzes innovation through its graduate Design Fellows, who work with faculty and researchers to interweave design with other fields to create effective resolutions to societal challenges.

The Academy is a space where people turn ideas into design solutions that empower society. The Academy brings together a diverse community of researchers and designers, and through specific projects, its Fellows’ work, in-residence programs, and public programming, offers new approaches and solutions to local and global challenges.